By which mode i will receive your calls?
We provide calls through SMS

Is there any FREE trial?
yes We provide one day FREE trial.

What is the procedure to subscribe?
After transferring money You can call to the executive at 8120215000 or 8120515000 or u can fill the message form available on the website

How you accept payment?
We accept payment by cash, cheque, netbanking

Do i have to pay extra if i pay by cash in your account?

How much accuracy you can assure me?
Above 90%

How much calls you provide in a day?
We provide 3-4 calls in a day.

What is the guarantee that a person will make profit on your advice?
We don’t guarantee anything we are not God, but we help you to maximize your profitss. We assume that initially every trader goes through three stages. First he has to give losses, second stage he breakeven i.e. no profit no loss and third stage he starts earning profits. If he trade without any expert advice (85 percent traders finish themselves at the first stage only). More details on this are on the site.

How to work on our messages?

  • Tips to Work: Be in the market.
  • Work as soon as message reaches to you.
  • If the message reaches after achieving the target then do not work on it.
  • Be in the Mobile network Area.
  • Keep the inbox clear.
  • Sometimes the movement of script is high so cannot reach at time so do not work on it.

Is there any provision of refund of money in cases of loss?
Provision of Refund: We provide all calls with well analyzed Stop Loss. So in most of the cases, you will not end up making loss. However, money paid is not refundable in any case.

Do you suggest when can I book profit or exit?
Provide Suggestion: Yes, we provide complete follow-ups for both target achieve & in case book profit before target achieve

Do you provide premium calls?
Yes, we do provide premium calls whenever we find some Opportunity and Value Buy in the market. 1 call a day.

Do you provide BTST/STBT calls?
Calls Provide:Weprovide Intraday Calls. But some time we also provide BTST/STBT Calls 2 to 3 call in a week

What is the Minimum Investment requirement for Trading in order to get your calls?
Investment:There is no such minimum investment required for our calls. You can choose the lot size according to your convenience

You send two targets in a script so what should I do when the first target is achieved? Should I book profit or wait for the next target?
It entirely depends on the investors, what targets they have in mind and at what target they want to book profits, but our approach is that once the first target is achieved you should book the profit as our first target is big and profitable . That way you would be able to book profit it in case the script doesn’t achieve second target or third target.

What faq do you provide?
faq Provide:We give Intraday , positional, btst, stbt Recommendations.

What is the Best Trading Style you recommend for trader?
Trading Recommend:We always suggest Intraday Trading to our customers because in the present scenario, the Indian markets are mostly governed by the global trends which can change in a day or night. Hence, our all calls are purely intraday and we suggest clients to always trade on stop loss to stay long term in market to make good profits.


  • SPARKFINSERVE.COM IS a 4 years experienced stock market consultancy.
  • SPARKFINSERVE.COM have strong research team. SPARKFINSERVE.COM provide more then 85 – 90% accurate consistant tips.
  • SPARKFINSERVE.COM is the leading research based advisory company in Mcx – Ncdex Market
  • SPARKFINSERVE.COM has the most successful advisory team and predicted the market direction always ahead of others.